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Since we set up in 2001, our objective has been clear - to provide the very best cyber security consultancy for our clients, enabling them to operate more efficiently and safely; to help them grow and prosper.

We do this by being recognised for thought leadership, and delivering on that promise - with the highest quality information security services and solutions - and thereby being seen and respected as a trusted advisor.

And we are proud that, according to our clients and other partners, the following attributes apply to our company, our talented staff, and our brand… we always aspire to be:


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Phishing attacks fool your employees into giving
away critical corporate and personal data and the number one way that organisations become compromised.

DeepPhishing is a service by Matta that provides the analysis you need, with an unparalleled level of detail, on your employee behaviour referenced against the vulnerabilities on their PCs. You identify the exact areas of weakness, so you can address them.

By emulating a more sophisticated Phishing attack, the service can be targeted to the context of your business, just as real hackers do.

Detailed reports show the action each user took, the potential vulnerabilities identified with each PC, and therefore what impact those actions would have had on the company’s security, had the campaign been a hostile one.

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Cost-effective Security Assessments Managed by our senior security consultants.

External Vulnerability Scanning is a crucial part of every security programme. However, budgets do not always allow for the cost of an extensive consultancy-based Penetration Test.

Cost-effective automated scanners go some way to resolving this issue, but the limitations of automated systems are well-documented and understood. The reports produced contain multiple false positives, and it becomes the responsibility of the client to work through the issues to determine the real issues from the false ones. On a typical external network of 64 IP addresses, this can take between one and three full-time days for someone will the skills and up-to-date knowledge to perform.


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Penetration TESTING

Which Penetration Test is Right for You? Penetration Testing can include so many different elements, that the first challenge is first deciding what tests should be commissioned.

Matta has advisors, which can help you scope the requirements based on your objectives, budget and timescale. In a perfect world all the requirements can be met with the existing budget you had in mind. If this is not possible, however, we can suggest ways to gain the most benefit, and prioritise activities.

External Penetration Test Conducting a penetration test on the public facing network is something most companies should consider doing at least annually. Apart from the obvious reasons of good compliance, it is important to supplement any VA work you may be doing with a full consultant based Penetration Test to ensure that your network is truly as robust as you think it may be from an attacker.

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Emergency response

A security breach can have cause a hugely detrimental impact on your company, including reputation damage, loss of business, and unplanned downtime.

Matta’s incident response service comprises of a multi-disciplined and experienced incident response team that use their experience, so that you can get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Getting early notification of an incident helps Matta in working with you to determine an appropriate response. 

Matta can help you determine the steps you need to take to preserve any audit trail and, if required, preserve and prepare the environment for evidences to be admissible in court.

If you are currently experiencing a security incident, you can call +44 (0) 20 3051 3420, then dial extension ‘8’.


"Matta understands our business. We see them as adding true value to our operations, and we recommend them whole-heartedly”  

Republic Bank

“I would highly recommend them. They are very professional in what they do, and they are extremely thorough.”  

The Bancorp Bank

“Matta are very discreet; they have great integrity”  



We wrote a famous white paper on how to map the CIA’s internal network, via non-intrusive means


Our CTO wrote O’Reilly’s 'Network Security Assessment’


We announced our game-changing Sentinel ‘testing the testers’ results at InfoSec


We won a Pwnie Award at Black Hat for security research


        Broadband Insecurity

        Broadband Insecurity

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 Wireless Hacking Presentation

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  Intro to Attack & Penetration

 Matta CIA Counterintelligence

 Matta CIA Counterintelligence

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          IP Network Sniffing

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         DoS Technical Primer

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       Wireless Security Model

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         Credit Card Sleeves

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As a specialist consultancy, we only use senior consultants with many years of experience who are accredited to the highest levels of the following industry leading standards:

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